Table-top Chess/Draughts for Hire


Hire this classic favourite game from us… a fun table-top version, perfect for so many types of events, particularly indoor parties and hotel gatherings.

Chess is played by two players on a chess board measuring eight-by-eight squares. The 64 squares alternate between light and dark colours – traditionally, black and white.

Basic rules

In chess, each player takes turns to make a single move. Players cannot choose to skip a turn – they must move a piece. Each chess piece moves in a specific way, and must be moved according to its legal movement.

Except for the knight, which may jump over pieces, pieces cannot move through pieces of either colour without either stopping (in the same of a piece of the same colour) or capturing them (in the case of a piece of the opposite colour).

Capturing pieces

If a piece lands on a space with an opponent’s piece, that piece is captured and removed from the board. Pieces cannot be placed on the same square as a piece of the same colour. When a piece captures an opponent’s piece, it must finish its current move action and end the player’s turn.

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