Soft Archery for Hire

For 1 Archery Stand with bows and arrows – 6 points

For 2 Archery Stands with bows and arrows – 11 points

For 3 Archery Stands with bows and arrows – 15 points

Soft Archery is another fun game that works for so many different occasions and events.  Whether it is set up at a family gathering, wedding or community fete, it always attracts a crowd and every age wants a go.  Being completely safe with suction cup tips, Soft Archery is one of the best Garden games to hire.


The aim of archery involves using a bow to propel an arrow at a target. 

We offer the fun of archery without the risk as we use safe bows and clear movable targets.  This makes this game accessible for all ages and when you have more than one set, you can really set the challenge and enjoy competitive spirit. 

If your aim is good and you hit the target, rest assured that your arrow will firmly stick to the target to prove that bullseye!

Suitable for