Boomerang Skittles


Set of nine small wooden skittles, metal ball, metal base and upright metal tower to assist in aiming the ball. Suitable for seated users. 

This sturdy Floor Skittles set can be enjoyed by a wide range of players – even those with limited mobility in their legs thanks to a number of features. The sloping base ensures the ball always rolls back to the starting position and can be retrieved using the tube with rubber grip which is supplied as part of the set, whilst an integral mechanism makes it easy to reset the skittles by pulling the lever.

Skittles can be enjoyed as a solo activity or with other people making it great for all types of occasions and events.

Accurately placing the ball in the aiming channel helps to develop hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills, whilst pulling the handle to the right requires players to push with a certain amount of force to trigger the action. 

  • Dimensions: 244 x 36 x 48cm
  • Made from quality wood