Backgammon for Hire


Backgammon Rules:


The fact that people have been playing Backgammon for over 5,000 years is proof enough that it’s really fun. It’s actually one of the oldest board games! 


Backgammon is basically a race game between two players. 

Each player has 15 checkers (or men) that he needs to bring home faster than his opponent.


The checkers move on a board composed of 24 triangles, also known as point.


The board is divided into 4 parts of 6 points.


One player moves his checkers clockwise, while the other plays counterclockwise.


The movement of the checkers is determined by the roll of 2 dice.


The number on the dice indicates the number of points a checker is allowed to advance. 


During the game, the players try to bring all their checkers into their home board and to bear them off, which means taking them out of the board.