Table-top Croquet for Hire

Hire this classic favourite game from us… a fun table-top version, perfect for so many types of events, particularly indoor parties and hotel gatherings.


The game is identical to regular outdoor croquet with the same concept and rules.


Players must strike the ball with their mallet, aiming to move the ball through the two wickets near the starting stake. If the ball successfully makes it through a wicket, players win another stroke. Play continues with players hitting their ball through all of the wickets on the court.


If you hit another player’s ball, you get two choices. You either automatically win an extra stroke or you can “send” the player, meaning that you can place your ball right next to theirs and hit your ball to send your opponent as far off course as possible.


The goal is to be the first person to make it through the entire course. Once your ball hits the starting stake, you become poison, meaning that if you hit another player’s ball, he/she is eliminated from play. It also means that the person who is poison comes out attacking with their sole goal being to hit each player’s ball and eliminate them from play.

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