Giant Buzzwire/Jumbo Buzzer for Hire

Why not hire this classic Traditional and Garden game from us?


The aim of the Giant Buzz Wire Steady Hand game is to use the wand and move it along the wire from start to finish without touching it. The Buzz Wire is 3m long so you will need to keep your hand steady all the way along, if you do touch the wire a loud buzzer will sound letting you know – then its back to the beginning to try again!

Great fun for indoors and outdoors (on nice dry days!)

Dimensions and Space Required

Buzz wire games are approx.  3ft Long x 1ft Wide

Set Up

A giant buzz wire can be sited indoor or outdoor and set up on a table top. In the event of rain the game will need to be put under cover or brought indoors. We can deliver to offices, independent venues, exhibitions and private home addresses. 


None required. Our giant buzzwires are battery operated.and therefore can be set up in most places as there are no trailing cables/wires.